Conventions and comics!
Posted June 1, 2005 at 02:01 am

GWS will be up later today, because I found myself glued to the screen when I discovered this webcomic last night, and couldn't pull myself from it.

Not to say that I hadn't heard of this strip before - I had - but I have a feeling I only gave it one quick glance.
This is something I suggest you do NOT check out until you have a good hour or two to go through the whole archive (yeah, more like 30 min for the AVERAGE reader - I'm a slowpoke!).

Additionally, you should prepare yourself for some noisy out-loud laughing. It's just... deliciously bizarre.
(ps. the title IS deceiving)

As for conventions, here's a quick lineup that I've got for the rest of the year (pending!):

jun 3-5 wizard world east, philly pa (just walking around saturday morning!)
jun 11-12 mocca, nyc (just walking around sunday!)
jun 17-19 big apple convention, nyc (sitting & doing sketches all weekend!)
sep 17-18 baltimore comic con, baltimore md (full setup!)
sep 23-24 small press expo (spx), bethesda md (just walking around - whole weekend!)

I'll be spending the entire week between the MoCCA event and Big Apple (June 12-20, to be exact) in New York because, hey, why should I come home just to go back up a week later, right?

This weekend, however, I'll just be at Philly in the morning on Saturday, as I'll be tackling another caricature gig in Jersey Saturday afternoon/evening.
But I'll be tossing out little GWS promo stuff and wearing (fingers crossed!) a hand-made GWS t-shirt. Pics to come!

Alright, you want more, don't you? Here are a few sketches I did for a hot job I didn't get (nuts!) a week or so ago, starring the pop goddess Avril Lavigne. Enjoy!


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