GWS is coming to America!
Posted September 29, 2004 at 02:01 am
I've been waiting to officially announce this for months. MONTHS!

It's sort of a soft "official announcement," but I wanted to bring it up now because... well, because I'm impatient, and curious.

Next year, I want to travel across the country* and visit those of you who have been asking - for years! - that I come visit you in small towns, cities that are far from my hometown in West Virginia, and, in some cases, places that I am deeply terrified of (sorry, Detroit!).

I'm planning a month-long to two-month-long road trip across America sometime during June, July, and August

*sincerest apologies to Canadians and overseas readers - I don't want to mess with customs, particularly since I'll be driving with all my gear & merch, otherwise I'd include you in a heartbeat!

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