You don't owe me a thing, but if you want to donate in exchange for enjoying GWS, you can pledge a small "tip" per month for GWS using Patreon! A monthy pledge of $1 will give you access to my new 32 strips. $3+ patrons get to see daily updates with my old artwork (mostly other comics). $5+ is where I share my weekly figure drawings, and $20 gives you access to all of that plus my old art lessons. Enjoy!

I used to trade GWS wallpapers for small donations, but I'm not a fan of PayPal, so you can just enjoy them for free now. :)

I’ve found some people still really want to donate to GWS (because GWS fans are the greatest). If you’d like to help me create comics in a direct way, I have a two art supply wishlists:

Currently, I could really use the Zebra brush pens from Jet Pens the most! I use them to draw most of my comics, and I go through them pretty fast.

If you want to send something less “business” that will make the artist happy during those rare moments of spare time, I occasionally update my Amazon Wishlist and would not be opposed to receiving some of the stuff on there. :)

*If my address doesn't automatically come up, you can use the one below!

I also LOVE to receive postcards! You can send ‘em to:

Danielle Corsetto
PO Box 967
Shepherdstown, WV 25443-0967

Although, honestly, just reading the comic and sharing it with others is such an enormous help to me and to GWS. Thanks for all of your wonderful support! You guys have been so generous and kind to me over the years!

Here's the header image if you'd like to use it to promote the strip (a bit large so you can shrink it down to the size you want):

GWS Header transparent bg PNG

Thanks for even clicking on this page! Just the fact that you were curious about donating makes my heart flutter (in a healthy way). :3