Taking an actual vacation for a coupla days...
Posted December 24, 2013 at 02:07 am

I honestly forgot that I was supposed to be working this week! I was not consuming whiskey, though. (But I ate the fuck outta those cookies.)

I'm up at my parents' house in the mountains,  with nothing but an iPhone camera to "scan" in my strips, and honestly? I'd really prefer to spend my time hanging out with my family than drawing full Q&A strips. I hope y'all don't mind!

I may just do 3 Ask the Cast strips this week instead of the 5 I was originally going to do, particuarly because so many of you asked questions that were TOO GOOD (as in, they'll-be-answered-later-in-the-strip-good)! You gave me some great ideas, though, and I'm excited to write strips that'll answer them. :)

Thanks in advance for forgiving me, as so many of you do, and those of you who can't forgive me, I hope you get too drunk with your own families to hold a grudge for too long! Happy holidays!





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