Posted June 19, 2014 at 01:02 am

 PPPS. My dad ONLY refers to me as "Punkin." Or "Sport." I can't decide which one is my favorite.

So uh HOLY CRAP there's only ONE DAY LEFT on the Mighty Kickstarter!! JUST ONE MORE DAY!!


$1 and up: Tour Wallpaper

For a dollar or more, we'll just sent you access to the postcard (and possibly the poster design below!) as a wallpaper, for like, EVERY DEVICE. Or almost every. It's an absurd amount of wallpaper sizes!

$12, $25, or $40: The official Tour Postcard, Print, or Poster

The postcard is a 4x6" version of the above image; the 8.5x11 print and 18x24" poster are both lovely reproductions of this right here:

... with all the city names listed there in the road. :) The tour poster now INCLUDES - for free! - the...

$25 or $20 or FREE: Procrastination Poster

This final reward is UNLIMITED and sure to inspire you! 11x17" poster looks like this right here:

It's $25 on its own (includes shipping ANYWHERE), $20 when added to any reward $12 or over (just change your reward to +$20; we'll detect it and send you a poster!), or FREE with the $40 tour poster and any pledge $150 or above, incuding...

$150: GWS Original Art

The original 7x17" GWS strip art just got WAY sweeter; it already includes the tour postcard and print, but now it also includes the Procrastination Poster you see above, because why the fuck not? 

Last but not least, here's a little teaser image from one of my insanely talented (seriously, I've gone insane looking at her work, she is so fuckin good) summer guest artists, Molly aka Jakface!



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