Something for Grampa Parker's wife
Posted July 3, 2014 at 01:28 am

I've been thinking for days about what I could give my grandfather's wife when I see her, just something to brighten her day. I imagine anyone who knows her must give her an actual teddy bear, since that's THE thing she's known to collect, so I don't want to give the most obvious gift... just something small. (Okay, also, something small enough that it'll fit in my car, which is already packed up with books!)

Had I the time, I'd put together a collection of teddy bear watercolors for her myself. But since I'll be on the road in two days, and I know a lot of you love to draw, would you consider contributing to the Bear for Bobbie project? (Yeah, I just came up with that. Bonus points for alliteration!). I think it'd be more interesting to see the same topic drawn in a variety of styles, anyway. :)

If you'll be seeing me in Pittsburgh, Columbus, Ann Arbor, St. Louis, Madison, Minneapolis, Omaha or Denver (that venue will be up on the schedule shortly, btw!), and you'd like to contribute an index card-sized drawing of a teddy bear, I'd be very grateful! I'd like to collect them in a small box, so just an index card would do. I think she'd enjoy going through them all. :)

And if you're not on that route, but would still like to contribute a bear drawing, I would love to send her a follow-up package after I'm home! My mailing address is in the Contact page above (or you can just write it now: PO Box 967 Shepherdstown, WV 25443-0967). Thanks to eveyone who asked about this!

Speaking of small gifts, by the way, I thought all you Kickstarter backers should know that we've got a bit of a hold-up on rewards; I knew Amazon wouldn't release the funds to me until after the 4th of July, but I hadn't anticpated just how much money I'd need to spend BEFORE that happened. All of my credit cards are maxed out (they're usually at a $0 balance, so I'm calmly perched at the edge of a constant panic attack right now), and I budgeted around $5k for shipping alone. So that'll hold me up until the funds come through. 

Thanks in advance for your patience! I'm not used to having to spend this much money all at once. This must be what it's like to have a kid who suddenly needs braces, develops a passion for horseback riding or something equally expensive, and then wrecks your car, just days before you're scheduled to get your paycheck. (Props to all parents out there, while we're on the subject.)


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