Guest week by Jakface!
Posted July 20, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Welcome to the guest week of that artist whose work I swoon over!

I met Jakface at Calgary Comic Expo this year and she made me BEG her to do guest strips for GWS. Like seriously, she told me to kneel and then she put her foot on my head and squished it into the convention hall cement and asked me “How BADLY do you want these guest strips, sub-creature?” She made me cry and give her all my lunch money before she agreed to do these beautiful guest strips for me.

This is all bullshit, but I’d have tolerated it if she’d made me. She draws so pretty.

**WHOA, I forgot to post this earlier! Here's the signing schedule for THIS WEEK!!

... see you soon, California!!**

About Jakface:

I've been making comics since I was wee, but I've been sharing them online since my first webcomic, Insane Yeti Squirrel started in 2004 (but then had a few year break in between). In 2010 I wanted to make a story with something more meaningful, yet simple, so the idea for Woo Hoo! was born.  That's my current webcomic! I also make silly slice of life bio comics that I post occasionally to Tumblr, along with my collection of video game fan art (which is a huge inspiration for me) and sexy, muscly dudes. Heheheh. I'm an easy gal to please. :D My fav things to draw are faces and butts, and I love to make people laugh. I'm currently designing a calendar with a "silver fox" theme (like the older gentlemen types) and I'll be donating a portion of the money to help fund prostate cancer research. Yay!”


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