Posted November 22, 2010 at 02:01 am
I honestly have no idea how McPedro's visibility (audibility?) works, but there you have it, Thea hears him too. Or maybe they're both just nutballs.

So hey, I have two Christmas-related questions for you guys! I'd like to know what you want me to make available for the holidays, seeing as it's coming up, and I have people to pack and ship stuff for me now.

One: Christmas Cards. I'm gonna be designing them tomorrow; if you wanted your very own GWS Christmas cards, what would you like on them? I was thinking Jamie in a Santa pin-up, or Hazel and Jamie in winter gear outdoors (non-religion-specific), but if you have a better idea, lay it on me! We're just doing one design, so make it stellar. :)

Two: Posters vs. Prints. I've got this full-color drawing I did last year that I'm really proud of (some of you may remember it... two words: Strip. Scrabble.), and I'd like to finally make it available in print. The thing is, I can either make it a small-run print on fancy textured paper (probably around $35-$50), or a larger-run 18x24" poster on quality poster paper (something closer to the $15-20 range). Which would you prefer? Let your voices be heard!

Thanks in advance for your feedback, guys! And by the way, if you see any more ads for mail-order Russian brides (yeah, no shit!), let me know!! They should be nixed!

Love and mail-order kisses,

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