Posters! Mousepads! Stuff!
Posted December 14, 2010 at 02:01 am
Hey guys, in case you hadn't noticed, we've got two badass new pieces of merch in the shop!

Strip Scrabble Poster Closeups

I'm really excited about the Strip Drunk Scrabble poster, featuring tastefully N-exactly-SFW images of Hazel, Maureen, Clarice and Jamie makin' words and drinkin' booze on a cold winter's night.

The paper they were printed on is a really nice, thick posterboard, and I took a long time on this image, which was featured in the Tastefully Done 2010 calendar, a charity project featuring images of scantily-clad (but decent) webcomics characters. Now that 2010 is nearly over, I wanted to make the print available to anyone who missed the calendar.

Click on the image for a few close-ups, if you're into that!

Special K Mousepad

The Special Kitty mousepad was created out of a sheer need to have a mousepad with a pouncing cat on it. While I was working on the design, Ellie kept batting at the cursor on my monitor, and thus the Special K-pouncing-mouse-cursor mousepad was born.

If you don't use a mousepad, you'll probably find about a billion other uses for it (I've framed coasters before and they looked pretty awesome, so that's always an option too).

Anyway, there you are! Place your orders in the next few days and you'll almost certainly receive them by Christmas (domestic and Canada), so if you need any last-minute gift ideas for cat-lovers and/or pervs, buy 'em by Friday!

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