Filler for a Monumental Day!
Posted January 6, 2011 at 04:14 am
Okay, the monumental achievement is actually that, after 3 long years of running Vista and hating life, my machine is finally running Windows 7. Well, the other news is that my computer will recognize the wireless Internet again, which is a goddamn blessing! And also, so far all of the drivers haven't been a total bitch, even for my old peripheral, and my legit copy of CS1 (which I prefer over newer versions of CS) installed without a hiccup, which is surprising. Anyway, you get the hint. It took all damn day and this little drawing is the best I've got for you tonight. Tech Guy Allan has been good to me for years and anyone who loves the strip owes him a gigantic THANK YOU, but since it'd be creepy to give you his address (although I'd pay you all to hug him, because I think it'd make his eyeballs twitch), if you'd like to send him your gratitude for constantly saving GWS from utter technical failure, you could always do so in the comments section, hint hint. :) If I can whip up a strip for Friday I'll post it in the afternoon. Otherwise, I'll see you Monday! Thanks for your patience, guys! PS. For those who were wondering about the wifi problem, it turns out the card WAS seated improperly. Lord knows why - the tower never budges - but that's what it was! PPS. For those who were wondering, I actually did get to hold his adorable child, and I actually did not kill it, though I nearly slammed its head into the wall a few times. Turns out the self-destruct button is in the front of the head, whew!

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