East coast signings this month!
Posted January 13, 2011 at 04:03 am
Hey guys, I'm gonna be all over the place this month! Check out the schedule on the right, locals to Rochester, Toronto and Easthampton Mass!

The Rochester get-together - at the same Boulder Coffee as always - is fairly impromptu and casual, as I haven't even really, uh, heard back from the manager yet. Heh. :)

Let's just say I'll be there no matter what, and as long as they allow me to sell stuff, I'll have all five books and will be drawing along with anyone who brings a sketchbook. Either way, I'll probably draw shit for you if you ask real nice - that I know I'm allowed to do!

Toronto people, you know I love you hard. If I'm gonna be in Rochester anyway, I figured I may as well make a mini-trip to TO and bask in your glory. Hope you can make it!

Signing will be at Paradise Comics, just like old times, hopefully minus the blizzard! I'll have books, and possibly even Special K mousepads. :) Also, we'll be hanging out at Gabby's down the street from the store (walking distance!) until some indefinite hour. Come join us either way!

And Easthampton! Hoo boy, do we have an event for you. Check this shit out. KC Green, Rich Stevens, Meredith Gran, Jeph Jacques, Ryan North, Jeffrey Rowland, Andrew Hussie, Chris Hastings, John Keogh... holy shit guys! OH AND ARCADE GAMES because clearly everyone else isn't enough awesome already.

This impromptu event is being held at Eastworks, the same building NEWW is held in every year. Did I mention arcade games?

Hope to see people at any of said events! I wasn't planning on traveling until Katsucon, but now I'm kind of excited to travel again. :)

PS! Nearly forgot to add! I had a nice little interview over at Bitch Magazine - you can see it here!

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