FREE SHIPPING all this week!
Posted January 24, 2011 at 03:51 am
Hey, hello, everybody who hates paying for shipping when they buy stuff online! I have good news for you.

Blind Ferret is generously shoving your GWS books, posters, and mousepads out the door for free this week, as long as it's being shipped to the US/Canada.

And don't fret, loyal international customers, for your shipping will be at a discount! I have no idea how much of a discount, but either way it's cheaper than it normally is!

So yeah, if you're stuck for Valentine's Day gifts (or if you just need to brighten up your room with pictures of nigh-naked cartoon ladies playing Scrabble), you may wanna get on this.

Sale only lasts a week! Only while supplies last! And all that other stuff I've always wanted to say!

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