Posted June 2, 2011 at 06:33 am
Yeesh, I made a HUGE mistake... I had two reservations at the Westin for this weekend in Charlotte for Heroes (Thursday, June 2-5) and due to a change of plans I'm canceling one of my reservations too late for a full refund.

Which is by way of saying, if anyone needs a room this weekend for Heroes Con, reply to this IMMEDIATELY with your contact info! If I don't find someone, no worries, I just need to make up an extra hundred or so in really really foolish expenses. *cryyyyy*

If you don't need a room at the Westin, please don't respond to this until Friday, at which you can spend all weekend making fun of me for not knowing any better.

This is what I get for reserving most of my rooms at the pay-per-hour hotels. *sigh*

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