Posted June 8, 2011 at 02:01 am
Well then, anyone who thought it would be a different girl named Angel can now slap their hands to their faces and whisper "nooooooooo!"

Hey, speaking of punching, did you hear the one about the cheerleader who was kicked off the squad because she wouldn't cheer for the basketball player who raped her? (I believe the actual cheer included the words "put it in," as if the situation itself wasn't wretched enough.)

Appallingly, she lost her court case against the school, and is now faced with $45,000 worth of legal fees.

While I guess you can't turn back time and punch that dickhead in the nuts, you can simultaneously help the girl pay her court fees AND get a snazzy piece of original art by Jason Ho for just $20.

There are only 20 available, so jump on it fast! Alternately, you can simply donate directly to the girl and her family by hitting the "Donate" button on the far right of this page.

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