Posted July 12, 2011 at 02:01 am
After an 11-hour drive from Montreal to Shepherdstown today, I discovered that Syracuse is pretty much smack-dab between the two. And, to boot, there is an actual Dinosaur BBQ right off Route 81!

Dinosaurs are what's for dinner.

Naturally, that's where I went for dinner tonight (thanks to everyone who suggested it!). It's just as great as you'd imagine. And they serve Woodchuck!

So! The next time I drive from Montreal to WV, I'd love to have a signing - or just a regular hang-out - in Syracuse. It'd be the perfect break from my drive, and from what I can tell there are a lot of GWS readers in the area.

Can I get a show of hands? Who would be interested in this, and does anyone know a spot where I could host a signing first? Perhaps a local comic book shop?

Thanks in advance, Central New Yorkers!

Oh! PS, thanks to everyone who brought the demise of my domain to my attention over the weekend. Unfortunately this happened while I was in Canada, so I couldn't do anything about it until tonight (it was set to autorenew, but the credit card was expired - drat!). It's fixed now, but should take a bit of time to forward to again.

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