Bind and gag yourselves, folks!
Posted August 11, 2011 at 05:05 am
I've noticed a whole lot of speculation going on in the comments section lately. Be patient, dear readers! It's tricky telling a story bit-by-bit in the format of a daily comic strip; let the story unravel before you make your assumptions. :)

To answer a common question, no, I've never had hands-on (hah) experience with the BDSM lifestyle. But I've done an ass-ton of research at this point, entirely from those who live in the lifestyle, both subs and doms, including two awesome friends of mine who used to run a BDSM bed & breakfast. Yes, seriously.

So, to those of you in the lifestyle, I'm happy to hear your thoughts if I'm doing something completely wrong! I don't want to blatantly misrepresent your culture. Otherwise, please let your imagination run wild, and remember that Clarice and the rest of the cast live in a fantasy world.

A fantasy world with a talking cactus and the ghost of a stillborn kitten.

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