SPX after all!
Posted August 24, 2011 at 06:30 am
In February, when applications for hopeful SPX exhibitors were being accepted, my parents told me they'd be going to Europe in September and wanted me to join (it'll be our first family trip overseas). So I decided to bail on SPX, just in case.

Turns out I'm leaving the day AFTER SPX, so I'll be around after all. Woohoo! I'm taking a half-table with the DC Conspiracy creators. I'll be sure to explain that better once I figure out where in the world we'll be. ;)

For now, you can just expect me to bring books, McPedro dolls, and a few small things (probably those prints I did for Baltimore).

For those wondering, I'll be in Switzerland (Lugano) and Berlin; Lugano with my parents (yeah, I'm pretty sure I can't afford to stay there otherwise!) and Berlin to visit my BFF Sonja as per usual. Before you ask, my beloved international readers,  I'm backpackin' it, so I won't have any merch, and probably won't be able to do a get-together. But if you see me on the streets, say hello! I'll be the one speaking English/terrible German and carrying a sketchbook. :3

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