Guest colorist!
Posted August 31, 2011 at 03:39 am
Hey guys! I'm working double-time to produce a buffer of strips for my trip next week, and by double-time I mean that  my friend Kevin is staying with me and coloring all of my strips for me, because he's wonderful. :)

Today is our first Kevin-colored strip, and I think he did a damn good job! Granted he's getting a lot of directions from Miss Perfectionist here, but still, I've never had a colorist work on my inks, and I'm really impressed.

Kevin is an illustrator in Rochester, NY and he and his partner currently create these really amazing little fairy (faerie?) doors. If you'd like to see examples of his work, check it out here!

I'll probably do a lower-maintenance strip for one of the weeks I'm away, but until then, it'll be on-time and colored beautiful by Kevin. THANK YOU KEVIN!!

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