NYCC and Who the F*** is Jim??
posted Oct.13.11 at 05:37 am
A couple of things!

One, unlike every single other cartoonist in the world, I will not be at New York Comic Con this weekend. BUT, my stuff will be! Blind Ferret will be at Booth #1821 with GWS goodies, LICD & LFG goodies, and good ol' Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue. Go tell them I said hi! Rub Sohmer & Becker's heads, call Lar "Uncle," and tell Joel you like his shirts.

Two! I've gotten enough questions about Jim (the blond guy; scroll down a bit) that I feel I should recap a bit for you:

Jim works with Jamie at the flower shop. He used to kinda creep on her. He also briefly creeped on Hazel, although in reality it wasn't creepy at all. Jim is forgettable to most women.  He joined the Members Only (clever name for the guys' club) last year. But it seems, recently, that he's not fitting in all that well.

We'll see more of Jim soon, for better or for worse.