Eff off!
Posted October 18, 2011 at 02:17 am
I don't really want you to eff off. :) I'm just making a new post to separate the comment sections.

Speaking of which! I know 95% of you are the most wonderful commenters the Internet has ever seen (and I love you for it), but those of you who are name-calling and being rude: EFF OFF! Your opinions will be heard by more ears if you don't share them rudely, believe me.

And on a final note: keep mind that I'm trying to be true to my characters, and thus not all of the opinions shared by them are held by yours truly. While I too loathe people who won't take "no" for an answer, I don't think I could ever smack someone in the head for it!

Okay, that covers it. Play nicely, friends.

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