GWS Book 6 available for preorder!
Posted November 7, 2011 at 02:01 am
Hey guys and gals! Copies of the newest GWS collection, Volume 6, are now available for preorder RIGHT HERE! ... or, right here:

They're currently en route to Blind Ferret in Montreal. We've already received samples, and my god, they are lovely. This is my first full-color book, and it's a great book for first-timers, as there's a catch-up page in the front that covers all five first books. Like so:

And a few pin-ups with big close-ups in the back, for example:

You can also order all six books, and you can order the Artist's Editions as well, which means that I'll drive my ass to Montreal in December just to rub my butt all over your books, and then sign them. I'll also include a little sketch and personalize them to whomever you'd like. :)

Such as:

I'm only in Montreal for two days, though, so I can only take a limited amount - order that sucker now if you want in!

PS, David and Val, now you know what your belated wedding gift is.

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