The Jetsons
Posted January 24, 2012 at 04:46 am
I had to look up The Jetsons to find Jane's name, myself.

While looking it up, I glossed over some additional tidbits about The Jetsons that really got me thinking! The Jetsons began back in 1962, and was set in 2062, a hundred years later.

It's now fifty years since The Jetsons began, with its space-centric themes and names. I think it's a little sad that the space-savvy future that the creators (and probably audience) of the show thought we were headed for is pretty unlikely.

But I'm stoked that in 2062 I'll be 81, assuming nothing horrible happens in between. And that means that I might be around to see it and compare. I LOVE that we have visual evidence of what people thought the future might be like, no matter how off-the-walls.

I'm already pretty excited that Back To The Future II's setting - 2015 - is just a few years away. I've got my double neckties ready.

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