Posted March 26, 2012 at 05:00 am
I had a little discussion with the wonderful people on Twitter about today's abbreviation of "significant other." I couldn't decide how to pluralize "SO."

So (hah), I decided to insert as much punctuation as possible in order to make the meaning more clear. I lovingly use the word "so's" (often meaning "so as"); thus, I didn't want to simply uppercase the first two letters: "SOs." That looked a little confusing to me, since I hand-letter the strip and tend to use uppercase as a way to emphasize certain words.

But then, "S.O.s" seemed too easily confused with "S.O.S."

AND SO! With the help of a knowledgeable friend and her helpful resource to back it up (specifically: "If the s might create confusion, add an apostrophe."), I decided that clarity was more important in this case. "S.O.'s."

There. Now all of you grammar nerds can either a) understand where I'm coming from or b) hate me forever because you fully disagree with my reasoning; meanwhile, all of you who don't give a shit about grammar can be peeved that an entire blog entry was wasted on the details of pluralizing an abbreviation instead of, say, reviewing dildos.

Either way, I hope this cuts down on the grammatically-focused hatemail that I'll inevitably receive. ;)

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