Ear pop!
Posted March 29, 2012 at 02:01 am
Dumb name for a dumb blog post - my ears finally popped overnight after a painful flight home yesterday. Thanks, Twitter, for giving me tips!

Someday, in my fantasy future, I won't get sick after a convention, and my flight won't be filled with headaches/earaches/bloody noses. Though it does often discourage my seat neighbor from using the armrest. Perks!

Thanks to everyone who came out to ECCC! Sweet god, what a fantastic show. You guys really make me feel like a rock star, I hope you know.

For those who didn't catch the news, a bunch of us (read: nearly all of us at Blind Ferret) went without a good 50% of our merchandise, as an entire pallet was held up at customs. My apologies for anyone who wanted a book or McPedro doll after, like, 3 pm Saturday!

With luck this'll never happen again, and next year I should have, what, like 7 books? And a billion McPedros.

By the by, did you know I'll be in Chicago next? Because why rest?? hahaHAHAHAHahahaha

No, really, I'm excited to go and see everyone. Plus, I'll totally be sitting with Randy and Jeph! So you'll be able to find all three of us by locating the end of Jeph's line. ;)

**Update! Hey, maybe a booth number for C2E2 would be helpful. Booth #693, yeah!**

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