All New Issues!
Posted April 10, 2012 at 03:54 am
Hey, I forgot to mention something last week!

My close friends Bill Ellis and Dani O'Brien, the creators of the webcomic All New Issues, are putting together their first book! If you'd like to buy it and contribute to their Kickstarter, here's the link!

If you're not already following it online, you may remember All New Issues as the comic that's home to Hazel's cousin Robyn, who took one of the Choo Choo/Sprinkles kitties (now named Selina). So if you'd like to follow the full continuity of GWS, this would be a good book to have (aside from the fact that the strip itself is damn awesome).

Anyway, you should buy the book and read the comic. So sayeth the great Danielle (two of us, really, if you count Dani).

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