Intervention and Shepherd University!
Posted September 18, 2012 at 02:01 am
Hey guys, quick update!

First of all, I hope to see some of you at Intervention this weekend! Please note that I'll only be there Saturday and Sunday, as I've got a wedding to attend tomorrow. I'll bring the usual to sell: books, McPedro plushies, prints and original art.

Second, I apologize for the belated notice, but it's now official: I'm finally doing something at my alma mater. If you're a student at Shepherd University in my hometown of Shepherdstown, WV - or if you're just local! - please drop by next month to see my alum exhibit! We'll have an official reception on Monday, October 1st with a lecture from 5-6 at the Frank Arts Center gallery.

Hope you can make it out! There will be a Q&A, so if you've missed out on panels at conventions before (or never been to a convention at all), this would be a great opportunity for you to ask me about webcomics. :)

Edited to add: did you know I'll be on THREE PANELS at Intervention? Here are the times!

  • Saturday 3 pm: Webcomic Veterans, including Jennie Breeden, Christopher Baldwin, and Shaenon Garrity. (Large Panels Room)

  • Saturday 4 pm: Revenue Streams, including Rob Balder and Darren Gendron. (Panels Room 2)

  • Sunday 11 am: The GWS Panel, including me, and me again. (Large Panels Room)

You can check the programming guide for more details!

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