Some new little bitty things!
posted Feb.11.13 at 02:01 am
Before I drown under a sea of new work (ADVENTURE TIIIIIIIME!!), I'd like to introduce y'all to a few small changes at GWS!

Welcome Jackie!

The most important change (although you'll hardly notice the change, because she's JUST THAT GOOD) is that I've got a helper on the coloring these days, and what with the amount of extra work I've taken on, it couldn't have come at a better time. :)

Please say hello and thank you to my new intern Jackie, who's already started coloring some of the strips that you've seen here and you DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS HAPPENING! Ninjaaaa.

Onto other news...


First, a pressing issue: if you or someone you know is still using the URL to read GWS, you must really like vintage things! I stopped using that URL ages ago. Go ahead and change that to, would ya? Welcome to the future!


Second, did you know that GWS wallpapers are both FREE and (finally) not broken anymore?? Click here for all of the GWS wallpapers I've ever made!

Browser themes!

Did you also know that Brand Thunder put together this nice GWS theme for your browser? Also free!

Hover text!

Hey, thanks a LOT to all the sweet people who offered to help me recover the hover text that goes along with the strips! My pal Bernie was already collecting all the additional text for his rad iPhone app Comic Chameleon (more info on that later!), so he was able to send along a text file with everything on it. Now it's just a matter of finding the time to apply everything. Thanks, Bernie!!


I used to have a PayPal button set up for donations and now I don't, but there are still some really sweet people who want to know how they can support GWS, and the answer to that query is RIGHT HERE. :)

(The tl:dr answer to that query is: Dick Blick, Jet Pens, and Amazon wishlists, if you simply MUST donate something.)

That should do for now. Thanks for humoring me, and enjoy the free stuff!