Calling all writers!
Posted March 19, 2013 at 02:01 am
Perhaps you already know this, but I teach an illustration class at Shepherd University, my alma mater (which is about half a mile from my house because I never grew up), and I've got a project that could use some writers. Wanna help? :)

Our next project is going to be editorial illustrations. Rather than sort through a bunch of articles by people I don't know, I'd love to give the students a variety of one- or two- page articles to choose from, preferably by fellow college students and budding writers. You don't need to have been published, but please check for spelling and grammar mistakes before you send!

I'm looking for the following genres, if possible:

  • Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • Humor

  • Food/Gardening/Domestic

  • Young Adult

  • Advice/Romance

If you'd like to submit an article you've written (something similar to what you'd find in a magazine, less than 3 pages please), feel free to send it here! I'd like to collect them all by tonight (Tuesday) if possible.

I'll post of my students' results (unless they opt out, of course) to my (neglected and pathetic) Tumblr page, and if your article was illustrated, I can get you in touch with the artists so you can coordinate if you'd like to use each other's work in your portfolios. Sound good?

Thanks in advance, writers! I realize I could just grab something off the Internet, seeing as this won't be used for profit, but I thought it'd be more fun to let the writers see what my students come up with. :)


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