Heroes this weekend!
Posted June 5, 2013 at 02:11 am

If you guys have never been to Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, you've definitely been missing out!

Oh, I should say this before I go on: the above title is probably misleading. As you may have noticed from the schedule (look to your right!), I sadly won't be attending Heroes Con this year, as I've been too busy traveling already and need a bit of a break. 

Which is why I'm bringing it up; if you're near Charlotte and have the time this weekend, you should definitely pick up my slack and attend the show! The guests are always top-notch, the venue is fantastic, and the show itself is so well-done and simultaneously indie- and family-friendly.

Plus, then you can rub it in later and feel superior to me. *sniff*

If you're already going, have fun!! Like, please have extra fun, for me.


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