Posted June 6, 2013 at 11:10 pm

I almost never (actually, never) change a comic that I've already posted, but it seems yesterday's strip rubbed quite a few people the wrong way! After reading some of the responses, particularly from seasoned roller girls, I realized that the comments Mimi made were WAY too vague to accurately paint her story.

In my mind, she'd earned her black eye by getting knocked in the face by someone else's hand, but I had underestimated the heavy association of the word "fist" to the word "fight." Mimi ain't no fighter! (Lest you mess with her woman, I reckon.)

So I've changed "fist" to "skate," which seems like a much more painful way to get a black eye in my opinion.

I changed the second part in an effort to match the spirit of roller derby, and also to avoid making Mimi look like a total doucheweasel. Mimi wouldn't cheer on a severe injury of a fellow derby girl, but in my head I was thinking "oh, I don't think she means a LEG bone, or an ARM bone. Maybe she just means a FINGER bone!" At which point I imagined my own finger bone sticking out and HRGBLXLDLGHH no nevermind no.

For the record, Mimi would think it was TOTALLY FASCINATING. She loves gore and gross stuff. But, derby girls, you're right; it was too easy to read that entire panel as "We got in a fight, bitch broke her leg, SWEET REVENGE," which is totally not a Mimi thing to say. Thus, skate to the eye and lip to the floor.

While I'm on the topic of misunderstandings in GWS, for those who were wondering: it's only been mentioned once before, but Melody can lipread. It's not an easy task, I've heard, but I imagine words like "wedding" are pretty easy to suss out, since your mouth makes a pretty distinct shape when you pronounce a W.

Additionally, Maureen would be speaking as clearly as possible for the sake of her sister. Then again, I think if Melody could lipread Thea saying "wedding advice," just the expression on Maureen's face would read "Candy" before she could even use her mouth to say it.

So, anyway. Don't say I never read the comments section. ;)


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