Come drink with me in Baltimore this Saturday!
Posted August 22, 2013 at 02:10 am

Huzzah, regular strips are back! And so is my regular convention lifestyle! (I feel like I'm going back to school!)

My good friend Monica Gallagher (of Bonnie N. Collide, which has been running an ongoing story featuring Mimi Massacre, starting right about here!) came up with the brilliant idea to host a little signing from noon to 5 pm this coming Saturday at a bar called Bad Decisions on Fleet Street in Baltimore. We'll do more from time to time in the future, and we're calling it Bmore Into Comics. (Here's the Facebook page for those of you who prefer to Book your Face.)

Come out and join us if you're in town! For our debut event, we'll have myself, Monica, Rafer Roberts, Melody Often, Howie Noeldechen, and Carolyn Belefski

I'll have as many of my GWS books and McPedro plushies as I can find in my house, B9 Kingdom books (collections of my figure drawings), and HELL YES I will have copies of Adventure Time: Playing with Fire! Perhaps I'll bring along some original strips as well. 

Hope you locals can make it out! 


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