Your weekly reminder re: cancer walk & iPhone cases
Posted September 23, 2013 at 02:17 am

Cancer walk and iPhone cases, those are some of the most opposite things ever. Anyway.

Thanks so much to everyone who's donated toward the Dempsey Challenge I'm walking in October! And thanks to everyone who's been preordering their GWS iPhone cases.

My goal for the Dempsey Challenge is about $1300 away, so I'm still soliciting donations! Thanks in advance if you decide to pass this on to someone who might be interested in donating to the cause!

And it turns out we need to have 100 preorders for EACH GWS design before they get made, and we only have a couple of weeks left to hit those goals! We're only about 1/4 of the way toward getting the iPhone 5 cases made, and almost 1/3 of the way toward getting the iPhone 4 cases made, so if you'd like one or know someone who may, please send along this link to preorder asap!

Here's further information on both of these completely unrelated things!

Thanks to everyone who's been contributing! Cheers!



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