Palentine's Day vibrator giveaway, woo!
Posted February 5, 2014 at 01:26 am

Good news, y'all! Valentine's Day is coming up, but that doesn't matter because so is PALENTINE'S DAY!! (They're the same day. They're both made-up holidays intended to either make you feel loved or make you drink a lot.)

Could you really seriously use a new vibrator in your life? Do you have a pal - maybe two pals? - who could also seriously use something that goes bzzzzzzz?

Look no further! Jimmyjane is treating one lucky GWS reader to THREE, yes THREE, of my favorite vibe, the Form 2!

No joke, this is my favorite vibrator of all time. Haven't you heard me rave about it before? You haven't? What, did you miss this review I wrote about it eons ago? Of course, that was back before I knew the Form 2 was my Vibrator Soulmate... our Honeymoon phase *sigh* ...

But, I digress. Let's talk about this giveaway.

Since I prefer Palentine's Day over traditional old Valentine's Day, the rules for the giveaway are as follows: comment on this blog post below in the next few days, and tell us your ideal Palentine's Day date.

That's it! Comment below, and you're in the running.

In case you're missing the play on words, Palentine's Day is simply a day to love all over your dearest friends. (By "love all over" I just mean sharing a bottle of wine and playing video games while farting without judgment, but if you're kinky then maybe it means something more X-rated to you; whatever floats your little man in the boat, dude.)

So share your best date idea for you and your friends below, and we'll pick one Pal Date at random next week and announce the winner of THREE Form 2 vibrators next Wednesday. Good luck!



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