Blargh, ugh, attack!
Posted February 6, 2014 at 11:28 pm

If you read a lot of other comics hosted by Hiveworks, you may have noticed that our servers were broken into briefly yesterday. It's okay! They caught it early and it didn't do much damage (aka you don't have to worry about the safety of your own computers).

But Google likes to eat first and ask "what did I just eat" later, so our sites were flagged with warnings as a precautionary measure. This doesn't mean our sites were unsafe, it just means that Google was all "OH GOD SOMETHING FEELS WEIRD, PUT UP THE FENCES, ARM THYSELVES WITH PITCHFORKS, DON'T GO YE INTO THAT DARK NIGHT!"

And Google's like a very protective parent (god bless 'em), so even after assuring them the coast was clear, they kinda put a blanket over each and every one of you and "shhhh, shhhh, it's gonna be okay" even though it was already okay. 

Too long; didn't read: everything's cool, sorry for the inconvenience. :)

Also we're still taking Palentine's Day dates for a chance to win the Form 2 (times three!) contest; if you wanna try to win THREE Form 2 vibrators, click here and read the directions! Woo! 


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