GWS is back! Also, HEY ENGLAND
Posted February 23, 2014 at 11:30 pm

Thanks for bearing with me last week, guys! I needed the break from GWS to get those other projects finished.

OH! Hey! England! You want me inside you, right? You keep begging for it. Well, guess what.

I'll be at Thought Bubble this year, November 15-16! It's in Leeds and they have so many cool people coming! You should join those cool people!

I'll also be doing the same Free Comic Book Day event that I did last year, at Beyond Comics in my hometown of Frederick, Maryland! Its on May 3 and I'll be there after 2 in the afternoon, because I've got a thing (visiting YOUR MOM) (just kidding! Visiting MY mom) until 1. 

That's it for news! I'm still planning everything out for the huge CROSS-COUNTRY TOUR and it's taking a lot longer than I'd expected, so thanks for your patience on those details!


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