Flora's Flora and my new apprentice!
Posted March 2, 2014 at 08:32 pm

Just a quick note of thanks to my new apprentice Nicole for busting out the logo for Flora's Flora over the weekend! You can check out Nicole's work here at her Tumblr.

It hadn't occurred to me just how much work we cartoonists do for our strips. Every time there's a company or restaurant featured in our stories, we have to come up with a name, an aesthetic, a menu or mission statement, a logo, a uniform... I have a stock background and logo for the coffee shop, Joe Shmoe, and The Meck is based on the actual Mecklenburg Inn (my hometown bar in Shepherdstown), but I didn't have a logo for the florist's shop Jamie works at, Flora's Flora. So it was nice to have a little work for Nicole to do, and even better that Nicole enthusiastically took care of it for me!

I'd like to share more about some of the creative peeps who work for GWS on a regular basis (if you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I enjoy gushing about my wonderful colorist!). You'll likely see more this year, especially with all the help I'll need on this cross-country tour I'm doing over the summer. While GWS often feels like a one-woman show to me, I'd be pretty exhausted if it weren't for the assistance I receive from interns and the like. :)


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