Smut Peddler Kickstarter is ALIVE IT'S ALIIIIIIVE
Posted April 3, 2014 at 10:23 pm

Smut Peddler IS BACK!!

The long-anticipated SECOND ANTHOLOGY full of LADY-FRIENDLY, LADY-CREATED COMIC BOOK PORN is finally available for preorders via Kickstarter, and it’s RIGHT HERE!!

And, as you may recall, I have a story in it, and it’s my first time doing comic porn since college (uhh, huhh, privately, for myself, and promptly burned after its creation).

While my name won’t be on the physical book because I love my family and many of them are good wholesome people with a rare last name who are currently looking for jobs in government and missionary work, you’ll see a smattering of my artwork on the Kickstarter page. :)

If you missed out on the first Smut Peddler, don’t wait this time! You know you’ll forget again! JUST GO ORDER IT NOW!

The money that’s raised beyond our goal (which, holy frijoles, we’ve already MET, good job!!) mostly goes toward paying us artists, which is really doggone sweet! So don’t be afraid to donate; we’re being taken care of by the editor herself, Spike, who’s become a master of both Kickstarter and anthologies!

Oh, AND check out the stellar lineup! It includes friggin’ TRUDY COOPER** of Oglaf, Kate Leth, Jess Fink of Chester 5000, Joanna Estep, Spike herself, and someone with the last name Woodcock, lullz. And those are just a few of the contributors who I KNOW (and someone with a hella funny name, but oh! Is also very talented!) - I’ll bet you know many more! Scroll down and look at the list!

One last note: THANK YOU to J.T.P. and everyone else (many of whom are mysteries!) who has sent me pens* in the mail lately!! I was just running out of Zebra pens, which I use to draw the comic, so I really appreciate the sudden surprise gifts!! 

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I got rid of the “donate” button on this website years ago, because I feel like the comic is sustaining itself well enough on its own, but if you DO want to donate directly to the comic, my wish lists are available for both Dick Blick and Jet Pens - all of the donated supplies go directly toward making the comic!

I also have a public Amazon wish list, but honestly the most important thing on that list is cat food. Hell, if you wanna buy my girls cat food, I’m not gonna complain. ;)

Alright, that’s it, have a sweet weekend!

*And the postcards! Every time I get a postcard I get a little shiver of excitement!

**Sheesh, I wrote "Judy" yesterday, where was my head? I swear I'm a big Trudy - TRUDY - Cooper fan.


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