The "Stripped" Documentary! And HEY DENVER, and HEY BOISE, and HEY CALGARY!
Posted April 21, 2014 at 12:11 am

Hey folks! I have three tidbits to share today and I just noticed that my blogging program has formatting options that I never use so I'm going to use all of them. All of them.

Stripped Documentary!

Did you know there's a fucking INCREDIBLE documentary about comic strips (both old-school and webcomic) called "Stripped?" Did you know that fucking BILL WATTERSON is in it? Did you know he drew the fucking GORGEOUS DVD COVER? Did you know I'M fucking in it?! 

("Fucking" used as emphasis, not a verb. Smut Peddler's over here.)

Awhile back, my pals Dave Kellett and Fred Schroeder put together a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to make this documentary, their "love letter to comics."

How do you get your greasy hands on it now that the Kickstarter's over? From the words of co-creator Dave Kellett himself:

There are four ways folks can get the film:
…and all four links can be found at
If you don't know which one to click, or if you're the kind of person who likes to take orders from cartoonists you probably don't even know, click here.
OH WAIT. Whoa whoa whoa. What is this $49.99 version at the top, and why is it so expens--OOOHH I see, I see. It includes 16 FUCKING HOURS of original interviews. Apparently I talk for an hour and fucking 20 minutes, what the fuck did I have to say for an hour and 20 minutes? I don't know. I have no recollection. MAYBE I TELL EVERYONE MY DARKEST SECRET, I have no idea, I still haven't watched the whole thing, and am mortified by the possibilities.
(Apparently Jim Davis, Zach Weinersmith and I are the only people who talk for that long, good grief, WHAT COULD WE BE SAYING, guess you'll have to buy 'em to find out!)
(I swear I actually don't know what I said.)
I'm finally going through the list of venue recommendations for my Slingshot Across America signing tour this summer (if you're a venue who's waiting for me to contact you, btw, and you're NOT in the midwest, don't worry, I haven't gotten to you yet!).
Somehow, Denver Colorado has had ZERO venue requests/suggestions/invitations, and I'd like to do a signing while I'm in town! Or at least brunch. Can we get together for brunch, Denver? 
For that matter, Boise, Idaho, I'm pretty certain I don't have any recommendations for venues out your way, either.
So, Denver and Boise, if you want me to stop in and visit while I'm in your town, and you know a good place that might host a signing for me, let me know at the following e-mail address!
Look at that formatting swag. I'll be in Denver around July 12/13th, and Boise around July 15/16th.
I'm coming for you this weekend. I'm going to get you. Do not resist.
I'll be at the Calgary Expo at booth #625 with Randy Milholland of Something*Positive, as usual, and it'll look like this:
And then, when you get closer, it'll look like this:

So come see us! Lord only knows what we'll do when you say hello!

Hey, here are some buttons, let's see what they do!

I have Randy's sweatshirt from ECCC and I need to give it back to him this week at Calgary. What should I do to it before I give it back?

Launder it

Sleep in it

Fart in it

Give it to someone at the show and have them wear it and walk by our booth as many times as possible and see how long it takes for Randy to recognize his own sweatshirt

 (I don't think those buttons actually do anything, but hey, we all had fun.)


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