Calgary! Ad problems! Luke Primous!
Posted April 23, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Calgary Expo!

Hey-ho, Calgary, I'm coming for you today! Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today. I'll be at booth #625 with Randy on Friday! 

And I'm bringing original art with me, too! The most recent strips! Thea, Mimi, Clarice, Joshua, take your pick. Most of them are $100 even, but each piece is priced individually. Here's a pile that's coming with me:

Yes, including the watercolor. :) 

But if that watercolor sells before you get to my booth and you'd like a print of it, I'll have those too! As well as the Grammar Strip, Dino Kiss, the Erin & Jamie rainy beach painting, and Hazel and Jamie in ridiculous superhero costumes:

I'll be taking CASH ONLY (I hear Square doesn't like to venture outside of the account holder's home country), so please prepare accordingly!

Ad problems!

We've been having trouble with some intrusive ads lately on the site, and Hiveworks is playing Whack-a-Mole with the ads that shouldn't be there. Thank you for continuing to give us a heads-up when you see them! We'll be working to get rid of them for the rest of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Luke Primous!

If your name is Luke Primous, or you know him, please e-mail me immediately! This is the adult version of "please report to the office immediately."

The address you gave me to send your books to was listed as VACANT and returned to me; please send me a new & correct address asap before your returned package is hidden under layers of dust and cat fur!!

Kidding, kidding, it already is.

This concludes the announcements for today. Thank you for listening.


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