Smut Peddler and other neat things!
Posted August 25, 2014 at 08:51 am

Hey, look to your left! There's a new thing! It's a picture of me (with updated hair style) and three easy links to the GWS Facebook page, my personal Instagram account, and my Twitter account!

There's to-update item number one in eight hundred. Maybe one day I'll do something with that cast page...

Hey also, did you order this year's volume of Smut Peddler? If so, perhaps you've recently seen the book and wondered, hmm, didn't Danielle Corsetto say she was in this somewhere? Yes, I was, I am, and it's probably the filthiest story in there (unless Spike out-filthed me; I haven't seen hers yet), but my name is most certainly not on it, for that reason. There aren't many Corsettos out there, and most of them are good, God-fearing beloved relatives of mine who would like to get jobs in the near future, so I'm listed under a pseudonym. 

Have fun finding it! And if you would be so kind, don't share said nom de porn here in the comments section; I'd like to muddy the trail from fake name to real name as much as I can, thank you. :)



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