Patreon on the horizon...
Posted August 28, 2014 at 09:47 pm

Hey, you've heard of Patreon, right? Duh, of course you have.

OH you haven't? Here's a quick video to explain it. (Fuckin' Joel Watson's face is in the background, what!)

Anyway, I'd like to try it. Mostly to hire my colorist Laeluu to color more than just two strips a week. Like, FULL TIME for reals!!

I should point out that she colored today's strip. You know how you can tell? Two things: one, she signs her name just above my signature. And two, it's fucking beautiful.

We'll go into more detail in a coupla weeks. But until then, I thought I'd stick the idea in your head, and give you plenty of time to think about how rad this strip would be if we could have Laeluu's super-awesome coloring skills on all 5 strips a week, and what sorts of extras (things that won't take up a bunch of time for either artist!) you might be interested in getting as a thank-you for your support. :) Have a nice weekend, lovers! 


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