Ten Years!!!
Posted October 1, 2014 at 05:00 am

Nobody wants to start their first conversation with their estranged father they're talking to for the first time in ten years with the words "pussy whipped."

Speaking of ten years, I didn't notice that today is the official TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of GWS until I wrote the date on today's strip! 

I don't have anything special to share for the occasion, really, since I already celebrated the decadeversary over the summer, but I'd like to thank everyone who's been tagging along and reading the strip for the past DECADE! Back when you were wearing MC Hammer pants and playing pogs and listening to Boys II Men. I do not remember what ten years ago was like, but I'm 83% certain that's what was going on back then. Cheers, readers!

Now back to our regularly scheduled awkwardfest.


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