Bad Girls Of History
Posted October 14, 2014 at 09:43 pm

Today’s strip is strip #1915, and in YEAR 1915, Mary Mallon, aka “Typhoid Mary,” infected 25 people with typhoid fever in New York and was placed in quarantine. 

Okay, so I have to be honest… I thought “Typhoid Mary” was, like, a nickname for a drug, or a cheap cocktail, or a metal band* or something. I never knew Typhoid Mary was an actual living, breathing human who accidentally (or maybe intentionally??) infected a bunch of people with actual typhoid fever. And then was kind of a dick about it!**

You should definitely spend five minutes reading about her today. She’s pretty hardcore! Not that I condone being hardcore in that manner. That’s kind of a fucked-up version of hardcore right there. If you’re going to be that hardcore, might I suggest going the opposite direction? Like maybe become really hardcore about volunteering in a soup kitchen or something. And then WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS.

I wonder how long this Blogs About The Year That Matches With The GWS Strip Number will continue to be Blogs About The Bad Girls Of The 1900s. Let’s find out!

*Okay, looks like I was right about the metal band

**Of course, a fellow asymptomatic Typhoid carrier named Tony Labella was reported to have infected twice as many people as Mary, but I’ve never heard anyone call the guy “Typhoid Tony.” It's even a better name; there's alliteration! Maybe he just wasn’t a dick about it like she was. Poor Tony. He'll never be metal.


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