Polyou, polyme...
Posted October 23, 2014 at 02:31 am

Man, this conversation. I've been itching to let Jamie and Hazel talk about this, because I've had it soooo many times over the last five years.

I'm holding myself back from writing a big long blog post about polyamory and why I wish monogamous people would think about it more before they knock it. Instead... 

... I should explain that my intern Nicole and I were SO BUSY packing the last Vintage Pack Kickstarter rewards that I didn't have time to look up a 1921 event to share! But then I realized that World War I ended in 1921, and nobody wants to hear about war here (right?), so I think we're covered. ;)


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Danielle likes to read...

New faves!!

Underpants and Overbites
My Giant Nerd Boyfriend
Up and Out
Alison and her Rock Awesome Robot
Kevin Budnik's autobio comics


Questionable Content
Something Positive
Dumbing of Age
Diesel Sweeties
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Johnny Wander
Octopus Pie
That Deaf Guy
Sufficiently Remarkable
Blaster Nation
Ramen Empire
Jump Rope
Outlander Man

Too Sexy For Work!
Chester 5000 (too sexy for work!)

Oh Joy Sex Toy (also too sexy!)
The Rock Cocks (careful: sexy!)

Finished, but worth re-reading!
The Bad Chemicals
Cul de Sac 

I also love the podcast My Brother My Brother And Me!

My old pal R. Stevens and I used to do a podcast called Coffee and Cider! It was mostly about being work-obsessed idiots and human beings who like beverages and have cats.