Hey UK!
Posted October 27, 2014 at 04:05 am

Ooohh this is a 4 am post, so not history today, but! 

United Kingdom!!

I'll be inside you for the tiniest spot of time in just a few weeks, November 15 & 16, at Thought Bubble, and I'd like to see you!

I'd also like to bring stuff to sell you! BUT... I'm carrying all my merch, which means I don't want to carry more than I need to. I have very small arms and shoulders, you know.

SO! If you would like CERTAIN BOOKS (good news, I'll have the newest book, book 8, out in time!!), PLEASE let me know which ones either here in the comments with your name, or via e-mail to GWSMerch@gmail.com! I'm literally only taking what people are asking for, so get your orders in now! :)

I can be bring any of books 1-8 EXCEPT book 5, which is out of print. Just tell me what you want!

I'm looking forward to saying ELLO GOVNA'! or whatever it is y'all use to say "hello" up there! (Yes I'm joking.) (No I have no idea what people in Leeds sound like.) (Yes I'm pretty certain it's not that.)


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