Webcomic App for your phone! YES EVEN YOUR ANDROID PHONE
Posted October 30, 2014 at 11:32 pm

Hey y'all! Do you use the iPhone app Comic Chameleon, co-created by my friend Bernie Hou, master Photoshop whiz and hilarious-man from Alien Loves Predator, to read Girls With Slingshots and Something Positive and Questionable Content and like a bazillion other webcomics, zoomed-in panel by zoomed-in panel? Of course you do!

OH, you DON'T? Is it because you have an Android? Excellent! Check out this Kickstarter to create a version of Comic Chameleon for Android phones!

Programming takes some dough, and we cartoonists wanna support Bernie & Jason in their journey to bring the already popular Comic Chameleon to Android. A fellow webcartoonist himself, Bernie's app has us artists in mind and gives us a cut of any money their app makes.

And hell, even 10% of the KS money apparently goes to us artists? Geez, that's nuts! These are stand-up guys, folks.

A quick read-over of the KS page tells me that a measly $15 or more gives you TWO YEARS of "Premium Access" to both the iPhone AND Android apps... AD-FREE!! And $50 gives you Ad-Free Access For, Like, Eternity. And there's a bunch of stuff in there from webcomic artists and Bernie & Jason themselves. Check 'em out!

I may or may not be adding a couple of incentives eventually, as well, and I'll be sure to mention them here. :)

Happy Halloween, you wonderful freaks! Have a safe & fun weekend!


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