Comfy Con Begins!
Posted November 21, 2014 at 04:25 am

For the record, I think it's cute when a dude says "we're pregnant." Assuming he's talking about his partner, that is.

Hey, so remember ComfyCon? ComfyCon 2014 starts TODAY!!


Randy and I will have opening ceremonies at 6:00 EST tonight, and I'll be live drawing on Sunday afternoon starting at 3:00 pm EST. I may be drawing the Kickstarter avatars, or if I have a script, I'll jump right into Monday's strip. Or maybe I'll just draw cats. Who knows?? Come find out!!

The full schedule is posted below, but hit up the official ComfyCon website for links to the actual video panels as they go live! You can also check in on the ComfyCon Twitter account for updates. 

Friday, November 21th:
4pm: ET: Self Publishing vs Publisher (Kel McDonald & lotsa other people, oh my god) 

6pm ET: Opening Ceremonies (Danielle Corsetto and Randy Milholland) 

8pm ET: Guilded Age Panel (Phil Khan, T Campbell) 

10pm ET: Painting With Uncle Randy (Randy Milholland) 

Saturday, November 22:
12pm ET: Webcomics (Joseph Stillwell , Isabelle Melancon, Kadi Fedoruk, Megan Lavey-Heaton) 

1pm ET: Breeden's PaJama Party (1-5pm - Jennie Breeden, Alina Pete, Rebecca Hicks, Dane Ault) 

3pm ET: Panel Roulette (Joel Watson, Angelia Melick, David Willis) 

4pm ET: How to Run an Anthology Without Screwing it Up (Kel McDonald, Spike Trotman, Sfie Monster) 

7pm ET: Super Art Fight! 

8pm ET: I've Been Doing Webcomics HOW LONG? (John Troutman, Randy Milholland) 

9pm ET: Slipshine (Josh Lesnick & Company) 

Sunday, November 23:
2pm ET: Making Comic Around a Dayjob (Monica Gallagher) 

3pm ET: Girls With Slingshots Livestream (Danielle Corsetto) 

5pm ET: Closing Ceremonies (Randy sobs hysterically into a webcam for an hour, Danielle Laughs) 

7pm ET: Ask Me About My Dracula (Kel McDonald)


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