Coffee & Cider & Florida!
Posted December 30, 2014 at 03:02 am

Excuse my delaying the FAQ for questions regarding the ending of GWS, but I have two quick things share/ask!

#1: Coffee & Cider
Actually, this may take care of some of those FAQs. In case you didn't know, Rich Stevens (Diesel Sweeties) and I cohost a little half-hour podcast called Coffee & Cider (I'm the cider half of the equation). Our most recent episode was recorded last night and is up today and you can listen to it by clicking here!

We talked about announcing the ending of GWS (which Rich has known about for awhile), among other things. I'm not the greatest conversationalist in the world, but if nothiing else, you should go visit the page just to see the Golden Girls/GWS mashup I sketched up real quick.

Oh, and if you're rad and looking for advertising space, we're looking for sponsors!

#2: Florida!
GUESS WHAT FLORIDA, you poor neglected (by me) state! I'm going to St. Petersburg for two days, and even though it's only two days and it's supposed to be a vacation, I don't think I could live with myself if I went to Florida for the first time (since I was, like, four) and NOT host a signing. YAAAY!!!

I'd prefer to stick to St. Petersburg if possible, and I hope that's not too big a pain in the ass for you to get to if you'd like to see me (your state's too big!). Before I commit, I need a place to host me, and I was wondering if any locals could lead me to a comic book shop... and then blast the shop's phone/e-mail and beg them to say yes to me?

I'll be in St. Pete's this month, from January 17-18, and I think Saturday the 17th WOOPS! Should've checked with my host first - looks like Sunday the 18th would be the perfect afternoon/evening for a signing. Please let me know in the comments - or e-mail me at - where I should go!

*PS! If you see ads for Dumbing of Age, I TOTALLY gave my consent for them to say that it'd be a great comic for GWS fans to get into! Just in case you were wondering. Read that shit, it's great shit!


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