Babby Time
Posted March 10, 2015 at 05:37 am

And yes, I planned Maureen's pregnancy so that the weird 1-GWS-year-for-every-1.4-IRL-years timeline would allow for her to have the baby before the end. 

Coincidentally, Maureen and an old friend of mine are in sync today! Congrats to the Lawson family on their new addition. :)

And just a little note to those of you who frequent the comments section: you're welcome to stick around after the strip has wrapped up! While we re-release the early strips in color (next week, holy crap), I'll be making blog posts with updates on my own projects as well as notes on the old strips (and hover text!). So the blog & comments will continue to be active.

Y'know, in case you miss having a civil discussion on the Internet. ;)


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