Birthday score!
Posted March 17, 2010 at 02:01 am
Hazel's birthday is on Wednesday!! But we're too busy with other stories to celebrate it in the strip (trust me, Hazel prefers it that way). So instead, we're celebrating in the store.

All original GWS artwork is 50% off this week!

So instead of $100 plus shipping, each strip is now $50 plus shipping! Check the list for the strip you want (use the now-updatedGWS story archive if you need help finding one), e-mail Jessi at to reserve the strip you want, and she'll take care it of you. :)

(And yes, the only reason Hazel's birthday is on the 24th is so I won't forget it - mine is on the 23rd. Haven't forgotten it yet!)

PS, to everyone who ordered artist edition books back in February or March while I was away, they are being sent out tomorrow! Thanks for being so patient!
Tags: nsfw

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